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We design and deliver
server architecture...

...taking into account
all technical
and business


Formerly there was a tendency to save money.
Nowadays there’s a big impulse for investing money.

Investments in development, security and optimal performance of IT architecture is the basis of the smooth functioning of modern business. In the era of universal computerization, the reliable and effective equipment protecting your company against downtime, which directly can be turned into huge financial losses.

We believe that investment in the development of IT architecture is an investment in greater and better efficiency, customer confidence, which surely is profitable to our customer.

Our offer

You can find the full offer on our web portal www.112it.com

We can design the most optimal
IT architecture for your business.

The optimal IT structure model
should cope with present or future
business situation of a company.

We know perfectly
how to achieve this goal

Our every project contains:

- reliability and continuity of operations
- flexibility and consistency
- greater productivity
- better use of resources
- greater efficiency in management

Are you sure that your IT architecture
is designed to support your success?

We are the leader in
providing superior products
and services in the area
of server and storage hardware

We help our clients to use their hardware and financial resources wisely by rationalizing, optimizing and improving their IT infrastructure.

With the trust of many customers who are providing us with interesting challenges, the peak of our capabilities continues to grow.